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  • Acai

    The blue color reflects the light more than it absorbs it's for that even dark, it keeps a very cool side.

    Here it is an azure blue.

    Made in Europe.

  • Amour

    Fabrics : Embroidery and microfiber (Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Black Diamond

    The black, timeless and indetronable even in a Spring Summer collection.

    Black Diamond, a wonderful "jewel of lingerie" ...❤️

    Italian lace and Italian microfiber.

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Boho

    Fabrics: Embroidery (Switzerland) and microfiber ( Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Blueberry
    What would be a collection without a beautiful blue?

    Summer and winter, our stylist is keen to put this color in the collections.

    Italian lace and Italian microfibre.

    Made in Europe.
  • Carmen
  • Cat Eyes

    A black of character, new shapes, Cat eyes is superb!

    We like its variations and matter ... just sublime, we crauqe for embroidered tulle

    Made in Europe

  • Cinnamon Coffee

    A cinnamon coffee please!

    What evocative name for a line of lingerie ...

    A divine color, rare and intense for this Swiss embroidery.

    We love the intensity of this model, a true performance for our stylist Ewa who will always surprise us. ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Colette

    Fabrics : Embroidery (Greece) microfiber (Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Charlotte
  • Crazy me
  • Creampearl
  • Femme Fatale

    Absolutely stunning line in Italian mesh and microfibre mesh.

    She wants retro, 80s, sexy but will be "femme fatale"

  • Fly High
  • Good Girl

    A beautiful plum!

    Good Girl seduce lovers of lingerie with its microfiber and tulle plum but also by her embroidery with touches of beige, beautiful combination of color ...

    Made in Europe

  • Glamour
  • Glitter red

    No less than two red for this new collection, a red burgundy and this one, a vermilion red, line in all Italian satin ...

    Beautiful model with perfect declinations because already bestsellers.

    Made in Europe.

  • Goldie

    Fabrics : Embroidery (Italy) microfiber (Italy).

    Made in Europe.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 183 items
Showing 1 - 60 of 183 items