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  • Happy

    The name of this very evocative model returns us to a fun, funny and sexy line.

    What better way to approach the summer!

    Italian microfiber.

    Made in Europe.

  • Hypnose
  • Jodarre
  • Lady Million
  • France
  • Nuts & carmel

    Delicious model while transparency!

    We love because it surprises and shocks at the same time, this finesse, added to a mix of colors confusing hides nothing and reveals everything.

    Minism without being in search of an affirmed sensuality ... ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Porcelain Doll

    Fabrics: Embroidery (Switzerland) and satin (Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Rapsody
  • Rio
  • Secret In Black
  • Sensual

    Fabrics: Austria (Microfiber) Italy (Lace)

    Made in Europe.

  • Si

    Si seulement"Si"

    Have you noticed the effect that the red color has on others?

    A red lipstick, red shoes or a red dress!

    The red evokes the desire and the fascination and If it will be that.

  • Spell

    Fabrics : Switzerland (embroidery) Italy (net)

    Made in Europe.

  • Starlight Night

    In any collection, we need a black, a black full of audacity and mysterious.

    Thing made with this majestic line, two softs, no less and declinations for the less sophisticated and audacious.

    A starry night where everything is allowed ...

    Italian fabrics.

     100% European manufacture.

  • So Special

    An intense and deep indigo blue for the "So Special "line!

    It will be bright for a winter season decidedly refreshing !!!

    We love the Swiss embroidery but also the very high quality Italian microfiber

    Made in Europe

  • Silver Star

    The Silver Star model is a surprising model in black and gray.

    Materials are Italian microfiber and lace of great qualities.

    Like all the models in these colors, it will undoubtedly become a bestseller ...

  • Tutti frutti


    A beautiful fuchsia to close this colorful winter collection.

    Another red but this time purplish, full of character and audacity !

    For the moment only in push up, soft and semi soft version.

  • Your Angel

    Your angel !

    Pure white for this Italian embroidery embellished with fine pink patterns.

    An indispensable line of refinement and softness ... ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Watermellon

    A young and flashy line for this model.

    Only in push up version and panties.

    Made in Europe.

  • Whimisical