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Looking for a lingerie manufacturer?

Come and discover all our handmade collections and enter the world of Sawren intimates.



In lingerie for many years now, we guarantee you a quality product, of European manufacture and "handmade".

Our clothing workshop and its "little hands" take care of our most loyal and demanding customers by bringing them several new products during the year, many variations tending more and more towards the manufacture of large size lingerie following the numerous requests from our customers.

Listening to but closer to them, we are a wholesale lingerie supplier BUT we also design for lingerie brands, our ability to adapt to small series is our pride but also our reputation in the world of lingerie.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lingerie supplier, distributor or wholesaler, we give you the opportunity to work with a manufacturer of fine lingerie. Want to design your brand?

We are used to it, whether it is white label, that is to say with our models but in the name of your own brand or according to your models.

Register on our site or contact us either via whatsApp or with the contact form, we would be happy to share with you the passion of our profession.



Working with our lingerie workshop offers many advantages. 

Here are some of them: 

1. Expertise and craftsmanship: 

Our team has extensive expertise in lingerie manufacturing.

We master artisanal techniques and stay up-to-date with industry trends and innovations.

You can rely on our craftsmanship to create high-quality lingerie pieces.

2. Superior quality:

We prioritize the quality of our products.

Each lingerie piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail.

We use high-quality materials from European sources to ensure an exceptional finished product. 

3. Customization:

Whether you choose private label or custom work, we offer the option to personalize your products.

You can add your label or logo to the lingerie pieces, allowing you to offer unique products to your customers. 


4. Production flexibility:

We can cater to your production needs, whether you require a small production for a new lingerie line or a large-scale production for an established brand.

Our team is capable of adapting to your volume and timeline requirements. 


5. Ethical and environmentally conscious:

By working with our lingerie workshop, you support an ethical and environmentally conscious approach.

We are committed to ensuring fair working conditions and minimizing our impact on the environment.

6. Guidance and advice:

We are here to support you throughout the process, from design to realization.

Our team can provide guidance on material choices, cuts, and finishes to create lingerie pieces that meet your needs and your customers' expectations. 

By working with our lingerie workshop, you benefit from our experience, expertise, and commitment to quality. 


We are determined to provide you with a positive collaboration experience and help you develop your lingerie brand.