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  • Bounty


    A black and white!

    If expected and if requested ....

    We dreamed it and our stylist Ewa did it!

    Beautiful model in Italian lace.

    Hand-made and 100% European manufacturing.

  • Candy


    Candy, a microfiber embellished with a beautiful Italian embroidered tulle.

    We love the white hardcore in the dresser lingerie!

    Made in Europe.

  • Cinnamon Coffee

    A cinnamon coffee please!

    What evocative name for a line of lingerie ...

    A divine color, rare and intense for this Swiss embroidery.

    We love the intensity of this model, a true performance for our stylist Ewa who will always surprise us. ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Cloud

    Wonderful color combination!

    White is timeless in lingerie but with this Italian lace, she sublimates it!

    Handmade and 100% EUROPE

  • Dream

    A model color purple, a sweetness this model

    We will appreciate the embroidery and this exceptional microfiber

  • Euphoria

    The new collection is here ...

    And what a first model!

    Euphoria in lace, embroidered tulle and microfiber in one color in shades of amethyst gray.

    Simply magnificent ...

  • Flora

    A refined line in Italian lace, embroidered tulle and microfiber.

    Truly surprising and original combination of colors that will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Handmade and 100% EUROPE.

  • Joy

    Joy, new model from the PE2021 collection

    A refined line in Italian lace and microfiber.

    A bright yellow for this summer!

    Handcrafted and 100% EUROPE

  • Libre
  • Lovely
  • Moonlight

    The Moonlight line, delicate and fresh as we love summers.

    A magnificent and very comfortable Italian lace that will withstand the heat while bringing softness...

    Handmade manufacturing and 100% EUROPE

  • Opium
  • O la la

    A flashy pink as we like!

    O la la ....

    Italian tulle, lace and microfiber materials.

    100% Made in EUROPE 

  • Scandal
  • Saga
  • Twist


    At Sawren we love blue.

    This time we offer a blue "oil"

    It is literally melted for the flashy color but also for the material, a sensational microfiber and Italian embroidered tulle.

    Made in Europe.

  • You
  • Wish

    A blue but not any blue, a lapis lazuli blue.

    We love this model all fine and refined lace enhanced by small rhinestones.

    This blue will please even those who never wear, it is obvious that this product will satisfy for its originality and finesse.

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Showing 1 - 200 of 208 items
Showing 1 - 200 of 208 items