Sawren SS 2018 - fabricant lingerie Enivrante - Sawren


"A surprising collection" or even "confusing".

Sawren and his creativity always take us further, shimmering colors for a colorful Spring Summer season!

We love this return to embroidery characters that sign the mark of Sawren.

A collection that does not leave indifferent ...

  • Mint

    Green, trendy color this season!

    It is fresh and heady, we love the combination of this beautiful Swiss embroidery and Italian microfiber, full of promise both by the quality to touch and wear ...

    It is very difficult to find "the beautiful green", successful bet! ❤️

     100%  Made in Europe.

  • pink wink

    An exquisite wink!

    We are in love, bewitched by this model in the colors of a pastel pink that should be wise but the Italian embroidery embellished with a touch of black destines to much more sensuality ... ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Cinnamon Coffee

    A cinnamon coffee please!

    What evocative name for a line of lingerie ...

    A divine color, rare and intense for this Swiss embroidery.

    We love the intensity of this model, a true performance for our stylist Ewa who will always surprise us. ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Your Angel

    Your angel !

    Pure white for this Italian embroidery embellished with fine pink patterns.

    An indispensable line of refinement and softness ... ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Nuts & carmel

    Delicious model while transparency!

    We love because it surprises and shocks at the same time, this finesse, added to a mix of colors confusing hides nothing and reveals everything.

    Minism without being in search of an affirmed sensuality ... ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Black Diamond

    The black, timeless and indetronable even in a Spring Summer collection.

    Black Diamond, a wonderful "jewel of lingerie" ...❤️

    Italian lace and Italian microfiber.

    100% Made in Europe.

Fabricant lingerie pour pro Sawren SS 2018

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