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  • Ray Of Light


    A ray of light !

    A beautiful Italian pink microfiber orange enhanced by a very shimmery Italian embroidered tulle.

    We will appreciate the flashy tones for a colorful summer 2019

  • Whisper


    Whisper is a line in Italian lace and tulle.

    We love the peach color and the satin effect that gives a look both tender and sexy.

    Made in Europe.

  • Confetti


    Confetti is a model in Italian tulle, microfiber and lace.

    We can not be more original than this line, it is incredible. We love the color association!

    Made in Europe.

  • Cindirella


    Cindirella is a bright pink embroidered net and Italian jacquard.

    We love the jacquard effect of the weaving of the material, the beautiful and delicate embroidery.

  • Lavender


    What would a collection be without a printed model?

    Essential !

    Tulle material and embroidered tulle Switzerland.

    Made in Europe

  • Malaga


    The absolute must have!

    A perfect nude with a very high quality Italian microfiber.

    We love the clean cut shapes, seamless, for more comfort.

    Mae in Europe.

  • Twist


    At Sawren we love blue.

    This time we offer a blue "oil"

    It is literally melted for the flashy color but also for the material, a sensational microfiber and Italian embroidered tulle.

    Made in Europe.

  • Eden Chic


    A plum version for Eden Chic !

    And all Italian lace please ...

    Made in Europe.

  • Candy


    Candy, a microfiber embellished with a beautiful Italian embroidered tulle.

    We love the white hardcore in the dresser lingerie!

    Made in Europe.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 93 items
Showing 1 - 60 of 93 items