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  • Femme Fatale

    Absolutely stunning line in Italian mesh and microfibre mesh.

    She wants retro, 80s, sexy but will be "femme fatale"

  • Fly High
  • Good Girl

    A beautiful plum!

    Good Girl seduce lovers of lingerie with its microfiber and tulle plum but also by her embroidery with touches of beige, beautiful combination of color ...

    Made in Europe

  • Hypnose
  • Idylle
  • Jodarre
  • Java

    A beautiful iridescent embroidered green khaki tulle with black tulle, the combination of these two colors is simply divine.

    We love the finish of the elastic tulle border on the bottom

    Without any doubt ... a bestseller!

  • Malaga


    The absolute must have!

    A perfect nude with a very high quality Italian microfiber.

    We love the clean cut shapes, seamless, for more comfort.

    Mae in Europe.

  • France

    Designed for the football world championship, the Francesca model in the colors of Poland or France is available in several shapes, babydolls, push up or even foam covering.
    It is therefore topical to support France or Poland !


  • Happy

    The name of this very evocative model returns us to a fun, funny and sexy line.

    What better way to approach the summer!

    Italian microfiber.

    Made in Europe.

  • Nuts & carmel

    Delicious model while transparency!

    We love because it surprises and shocks at the same time, this finesse, added to a mix of colors confusing hides nothing and reveals everything.

    Minism without being in search of an affirmed sensuality ... ❤️

    100% Made in Europe.

  • Olympia

    Navy blue, delicate lace, Italian tulle and embroidered tulle in shades of blue

    Very nice model and a bestseller insured


  • Porcelain Doll

    Fabrics: Embroidery (Switzerland) and satin (Italy).

    Made in Europe.