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  • Rapsody
  • Ray Of Light


    A ray of light !

    A beautiful Italian pink microfiber orange enhanced by a very shimmery Italian embroidered tulle.

    We will appreciate the flashy tones for a colorful summer 2019

  • Rio
  • Secret In Black
  • Sensual

    Fabrics: Austria (Microfiber) Italy (Lace)

    Made in Europe.

  • Si

    Si seulement"Si"

    Have you noticed the effect that the red color has on others?

    A red lipstick, red shoes or a red dress!

    The red evokes the desire and the fascination and If it will be that.

  • So Special

    An intense and deep indigo blue for the "So Special "line!

    It will be bright for a winter season decidedly refreshing !!!

    We love the Swiss embroidery but also the very high quality Italian microfiber

    Made in Europe

  • Saga
  • Silver Star

    The Silver Star model is a surprising model in black and gray.

    Materials are Italian microfiber and lace of great qualities.

    Like all the models in these colors, it will undoubtedly become a bestseller ...

  • Tutti frutti


    A beautiful fuchsia to close this colorful winter collection.

    Another red but this time purplish, full of character and audacity !

    For the moment only in push up, soft and semi soft version.

  • Twist


    At Sawren we love blue.

    This time we offer a blue "oil"

    It is literally melted for the flashy color but also for the material, a sensational microfiber and Italian embroidered tulle.

    Made in Europe.

  • Watermellon

    A young and flashy line for this model.

    Only in push up version and panties.

    Made in Europe.

  • Whimisical
  • Wish

    A blue but not any blue, a lapis lazuli blue.

    We love this model all fine and refined lace enhanced by small rhinestones.

    This blue will please even those who never wear, it is obvious that this product will satisfy for its originality and finesse.

  • Whisper


    Whisper is a line in Italian lace and tulle.

    We love the peach color and the satin effect that gives a look both tender and sexy.

    Made in Europe.